Other applications


  xPert (version 4.2) 

Bilingual, (French & Dutch), for belgian ballisticians.

xPert allows an automatic writing of the bills, in conformity with the standards of their regulatory authority, as well in French as in Dutch.


  xPertM (version 4.0) 

Bilingual (French & Dutch), for belgian medical examiners.

xPertM offers the same functions as xPert with automatic writing of the bills.


 xPACs (version 4.3)  

Management of exhibits (firearms, cartridges, other miscellaneous elements) for experts in ballistics.

2 main functions :

- Inventory control (Enters, exits, returns)

- Data management with possible comparisons between arms and cartridges/projectiles, from text data or photos.


 PETRUS (version 3.2) 

Homologation of bullet-proof glasses and window/door frames, according to the european standards EN-1063 and EN-1522 with possible reports in French, Dutch or English.