What's MSELECT used for ?

The purpose of MSELECT is to be a software making it possible to completely manage one's own collection of cartridges.

Thus, its ambition is not to help the collector to identify its cartridges, unlike programs such as the ECRA Caliber Data Viewer.

Each one of these tools has its own interest and the ideal solution is to use them jointly.

You will see that MSelect is not a simple data base such as those you can create using Microsoft Access for example (even if MSelect uses its " engine ").

Moreover, using MSelect, even inexperienced collectors will be able to take advantage of this user-friendly and powerful tool.

As much as possible, MSelect has been designed so that every collector can personalize it according to its centers of interest and its own practices.

Lastly, you will see that MSelect furthers the use of pictures, often more meaningful than long speeches or descriptions.




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Among others, MSELECT has been chosen by

Department of Weapon Systems & Ballistics

Royal Military Academy of Belgium

Institut de recherche criminelle

de la Gendarmerie Nationale


Armée de Terre


Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

US Department of Justice

Institut National de Police scientifique

Laboratoire de Police sccientifique de Toulouse





Mag. Heinrich Kohlmann, President of the ECRA

Dr Philippe Regenstreif, President of the AFERHM

Mr. Jean Renard

Mr. Jordi Camerón

Mr. Carlo Zambon